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The Healing Eyes of Mercy

A non-for-profit company 

"In her book, The Healing Eyes of Mercy. A Trinity of Love, Karen Schwaner Sheehy invites us into her life's journey. In so doing we can walk with her in faith, even in the dark times of life. She shares her experiences of God's compassion, fidelity and mercy. Her story reminds us of God's incredible love and the ways he brings light into our darkness."

Most Reverend Gregory M. Aymond
Archbishop of New Orleans

About Us

Karen Sheehy

President and Owner

Karen Sheehy, founder and president of our non-for-profit company, realizes the importance of not only directing others towards the light of God's love but also reflecting this love to those in need! In response, she has formed a non-for-profit organization entitled, The Healing Eyes of Mercy​, in which all business proceeds are donated to one of three charitable causes near and dear to her heart, including the people of Rwanda, Parishioners of St. Benoit Catholic Parish in Haiti, and Christians in the Holy Land. Thank you for your support and for decreasing the weight of the cross experienced by others! Please visit www.spiritualsafariguide.com to make a tax deductible donation or utilize the following website link which follows. spiritualsafariguide.com/charity.html

Thank you, Karen Schwaner Sheehy, President and Owner